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Wulf is reforestation partner: everytime one product is sold, we plant one tree to Indonesia

One tree planted with our partner: www.onetreeplanted.org

Story behind Wulf, our roots are in Oulu, Finland

Wulf is the story of one man – it all began when I was having a beer with a friend in Helsinki. We were discussing what the future holds and he made an absurd suggestion: what if we move up North to Oulu.

Before this I had never lived outside Southern Finland.

As I went off to serve in the obligatory military service for 9 months the idea refused to leave my brain. I ended up applying to a school, got in and moved up to Oulu to study.

When I was a kid I dreamed of having my own online store as I banged on my Windows 95. Strange dream for a kid, I know! In Oulu this dream became true when my student loan went - instead of booze or a trip to Pattaya - to making Wulf & Supply a reality.

This is how the brand born under the Northern streetlights and aurora borealis has supplied customers with street style since 2016. I’ve had the opportunity to work with interesting designers and organisations – and I hope this is just the beginning of my adventure.

Thank you for being a part of the Wulf pack!

- Vili, The man behind the brand

Why Wulf? 

We are concerned about our planet and nature, sustainability is our key to success!

Our first priority is that the products lifespan is as long as it could be. 



Wulf products are designed for your needs and cravings. They last time and are damn good looking pieces of your wardrobe. 



Zero waste from over producing products at wulfshop.com. We manufacture almost every product on demand.




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